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Automated Foodservice

Just Baked Smart Bistro temperature-controlled kiosks are the turnkey fully automated solution to giving your customers and clients 24/7 access to hot food – all without the additional expense of 24/7 staff. With our dedicated team and extensive network of service providers, we make the entire process from machine installation to food delivery as turnkey as possible. 

This is an exciting revenue-generating asset you can easily deploy in your business(es). Minimal labor requirements with ready-to-load food products delivered frozen to your door via our national foodservice distribution partner- Vistar. No kitchen required. All you will need is dedicated freezer space to store our ready-to-load food items – like Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese, White Castle Classic Cheese Sliders, Wow Bao BBQ Pork Bao, Naughty Chile Chicken Fajita Burritos, Dirty Cookie Chocolate Chip Cookies Stuffed with Nutella & more!

Automated Foodservice

Just Baked is offering a turn-key, lucrative automated food business throughout North America. With financing available, buyers can generate positive cash flow from day 1. Add delicious food, from state-of-the-art food technology to keep customers fed and happy.




Our proprietary user-interface and back-end operator portal make it easy to manage multiple planograms across multiple machines and will even provide real-time pick lists to ensure the right product mix is always available in your machine. 

Our unique Just Baked Ready-to-Load (RTL) food trays eliminate the need for complex back of house ordering and prep. With our proprietary packaging, there is absolutely no need for any on-site food prep. All our food items are delivered directly from Vistar in a 100% Ready-to-Load (RTL) tray. 

Upon loading of the machine, the RTL tray QR barcode is automatically scanned, and the food item is added into inventory. Each unique QR barcode stores all product information from pricing, nutritional profile, slack time, shelf-life, MFG lot code to reheat time.


Remote Management

Kiosk monitoring and issue resolution

Real Time Alerts

Real time alerts sent to your mobile device

Serving Sizes

Up to 68 unique SKUs per load

Training Benefits

Online access to training

Touch-Free Options

Capable of touch free ordering

Ordering is easy with the Just Baked app.

“The team at Just Baked provides us with a product that met our unique business needs. They weren’t satisfied until we were 100% satisfied.”

Kristi Townsend, Harrah's Gulf Coast

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Hosting a Just Baked kiosk is the solution for providing the quality options your customers want. Contact us today!
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