High Capacity

Holds 72 delicious servings

32-inch Touch Screen

Large user interface enhances consumer engagement and experience.


Variable Menu

Capable of serving two food options per load. Menu options can be rotated daily.

Proprietary Refrigeration System

Ensures safe food storage and impeccable quality

Custom Conveyor Oven

No more gummy microwave texture, only Oven BakedTM Awesomeness

NSF & UL Certified

Certified for safety and sanitation


Real-Time Alerts

Enterprise software enables real-time: Inventory levels, sales reports, kiosk performance and service reports


Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

Auxiliary revenue stream via 32” user interface. Built in content delivery.

Cashless Payment

Payment terminal that accepts credit/debit cards, electronic touch-pay, campus swipe cards

Small Footprint

Only requires 15 square feet of space