Here at Just Baked, we’ve done our research.

Years in development, trial and error, product testing and improvements have brought us here today. Now, we have a self-service smart machine that allows for deeper connectivity with users, an unparalleled machine accuracy rate of 99.9%, and a way for you to enjoy delicious, fresh food in convenient locations you only dreamed of.

Imagine it: You’re slaving away at your desk well past quitting time, your stomach is growling uncomfortably loud, but you’re on a deadline. That’s where Just Baked comes in. We take the guesswork out of this common dilemma by making it easy (some might say, crazy easy) for you to grab a freshly baked pizza in less than 5 minutes. Sounds like a dream… dare we say, dream come true?”

We know you want convenience, quality, and consistency –

Well we’ve cracked the code. Users will never be served expired food, because our machine simply will not allow it. As a host of the machine, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your kiosk operator will be notified when items are low or getting close to their expiration dates. Oh, and we mentioned the Oven-Baked Awesomeness, right? Forget the radiation and gummy texture that comes with microwaving frozen food, because with us, it’s a ghost of machines-past. So you see, when we say fresh, we really mean it.