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Vending machines in the United States make around $22 Billion every year as a whole. There have been more and more of pizza vending machines in schools and in other locations.

These innovative vending machines can bring different options to your students, faculty, and staff.

We have gathered the top reasons why your school follow the growing trend and install a pizza vending machine.

Read on to learn more.

Vending Machines in Schools Is Great for the On-The-Go Meal

Having a pizza vending machine in school is great if a student (or even a faculty/staff member) forgot their lunch or needed an extra pick-me-up throughout the day.

Anyone needs the proper food and nutrition to have the energy to get through a long school day. This quick snack can be beneficial to a good day at school and ultimately satisfy their hunger.

Being properly fueled can also help students engage more with their classmates and teachers. Pizza after a long school day can even help boost students energy for any extracurricular activities like clubs or sports teams.

Source of Revenue

A regular vending machine selling drinks or small snack scan make on average $3,000 per year. This number is more closely related to the monthly profits of a pizza vending machine though. Annually, a pizza vending machine has the ability to make around $40,000.

The money that is made from having pizza vending machines in schools can allow for items to be purchased that the school needs to invest in for the students. This can be things like books, computers, projectors, chairs, desks, etc.

Not to mention that if any programs are lacking funding such as certain clubs or the music program, these profits could go towards supporting them as well.

If the school is private or a college, then a pizza vending machine in a high-traffic area might be able to help keep tuition lower for the students and parents.

Great Quality Whenever, Wherever

Adding this option of food isn’t just a fun novelty idea. It is actually quality fresh pizza that is never frozen.

Get great pizza for those in your school can be there whenever needed. Because it is pizza by the slice, you can get just the right amount of recently baked hot food that you want.

It isn’t heated by a microwave either. The pizza cooks in a conveyor oven for the best quality.

This is perfect for a quick snack in-between classes or after school.

A pizza vending machine can sell whatever local pizzeria is popular in your area that the student population is sure to love. This can also help local businesses in your area thrive. There is a small price tag of around $3 for the perfect slice within minutes.

Choose the perfect location on campus or in the cafeteria that has high-traffic which will service your school where needed and would work best for everyone.

Know Your Options

The “Worlds Smallest Pizzeria” could be the best vending machine for your school giving them customized, hot slices of pizza.

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