Are you tired of boring office lunches or having to spend time and money offsite?

If so, this article is for you. Here are a few of the best benefits of having office vending machines that dispense delicious pizza in your workplace.

Office Vending Machines Keep Employees Productive And Alert

If you’ve ever worked an office job, you know how it goes.

By 2 PM or so you’re experiencing the dreaded afternoon slump. This morning’s coffee has worn off and you’ve already taken a lunch break.

But what if you could walk down the hall and grab a delicious, piping hot slice of pizza to warm you up? You’d immediately be energized and ready to finish out the work day!

There’s a direct correlation between one’s glucose levels and his or her productivity. Having access to snacks at the workplace can keep the whole office awake and productive.

Office vending machines may be the answer to faster, more efficient workdays.

A Pizza Vending Machine Can Improve Office Morale

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t enjoy a good slice of pizza. Virtually everyone loves pizza, and having access to it at all times has the potential to increase office morale.

For years, pizza has been one of the most common incentives in the workplace. Bosses constantly promise delicious food to employees for a job well done.

But now there’s no more waiting until the end of the week for an office pizza party. With a vending machine, employees can get pizza whenever they want!

And it certainly doesn’t hurt that the scent of freshly made pizza is one of the best scents out there.

Vending Machines Save Time And Money

Most employees get a standard hour-long lunch break each day. Over time, that single hour adds up.

That’s five hours of lost productivity per week, 25 hours per month, or roughly 260 hours per year (not counting vacation days and days off). And that’s for every employee.

Think of everything that could be accomplished if employees still had a lunch break but didn’t need to take the time to go offsite. They’d return to work faster and get more done, all without having to leave the building.

And it certainly doesn’t hurt that there’s little overhead cost in office vending machine installation.

No need to hire extra workers to man the snack booth in the lobby or make extra space. Simply order, install, and enjoy!

Pizza vending machines are an affordable, convenient treat that has the ability to make both bosses and employees happy.

Order A Vending Machine For Your Office

These are just a few of the many reasons why installing office vending machines can benefit your workplace. If you’re interested in learning more or want to order a machine, get in touch!

Our pizza vending machines are capable of storing up to 72 slices at a time, meaning there’s plenty of pizza for everyone.