The 7.1 million vending machines in the US generate $73 million in profits. It’s a no-brainer that the right vending machine in your pub can help you increase profits.

Don’t settle on the typical soda and chips. Go for something innovative and memorable like freshly baked pizza by the slice or gooey chocolate chip cookies.

Serving up fresh baked treats all at the push of a button keeps customers in your pub longer, which means more profit for you. Let us help you consider some creative vending machine ideas to help your pub stand out.

It’s late night, your customers have had a few drinks, and now they are hungry. You don’t want them leaving to go find munchies elsewhere.

Give them the options of fresh baked gooey cookies, or savory salty pretzels, or piping hot cheesy pizza. You don’t even need to have a kitchen in your pub.

By having freshly baked food ready to serve up customers will stay happy. When you have happy customers, they stay longer and spend more. This translates to a happier bottom line for your brew pub.

Each vending system holds up to 72 units, that’s 36 of each variety of delicious baked good! Not only does it have a large capacity, but it can serve a staggering 50 servings per hour.

With these kinds of numbers, everyone in the pub can enjoy a hot meal whenever they desire. You know what they will need with all those hot and tasty snacks? Another beer.

Contact us today to have one of the best vending machines set up in your pub.