Student’s don’t always keep normal hours of operation – late nights studying, socializing, or hunting for a late night restaurant to grab some food.

The Hot Vending Box is a great solution to feeding hungry students and faculty, 24 hours a day.  Gone are the days where a vending machine provides only traditional snacks and candy – this vending machine can serve oven baked pizza, pretzels, cookies, and other delicious foods.

The Hot Vending Box can be setup in dorms, sports venues, libraries, and any other campus building to provide a fresh and filling food option to students on the go.

By schools providing such a convenient food option – they are enhancing the safety of their students.  Fewer deliveries, and fewer late night endeavors to find food off campus.

Great food is the key:  The Hot Vending Box serves freshly prepared, never frozen foods ONLY.  This is a “smart” vending machine, and keeps track of shelf life, holding temperatures, and even uses specific heating methods for each product.  Not only is it a convenient food option, but it’s absolutely delicious!

The future of vending could show up on campus before you know it!

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